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There are few things more powerful and more inspirational than a good story. Stories motivate us, encourage us, and transform us, and there is beauty and value in not only hearing the stories of others but in telling our own as well.

Landis Adult Day Services is bursting with stories. The seniors who attend our programs have lived extraordinary lives and have accumulated a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to share. Sometimes all they need is the venue in which to share it!



Telling stories builds connection and understanding between people. Some data even suggests that telling stories may help to combat feelings of depression and isolation in aging adults. Reminiscing and bonding over similar experiences creates a sense of solidarity and understanding between people who otherwise may consider themselves to be strangers, which is particularly important in aging as many seniors feel as though their communities are shrinking.



At Landis Adult Day Services, we believe in investing in one another and being intentional about fostering a vibrant, home-like atmosphere where birthdays are celebrating, favorite snacks are shared, and meaningful conversations abound. We want our attendees to feel welcomed, comfortable, and at home, and it’s only through building familiarity with one another that that sense of home can be truly achieved.

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Storytelling is an important component of the connections made at Adult Day, and it is beneficial for both the teller and the listener. In fact, some research has found that storytelling has many positive effects such as improved memory, increased creativity, and greater social interaction and activity
engagement. It’s undeniable that storytelling breathes life into communities and helps them to flourish.

If you have a story to tell, contact Landis Adult Day Services to learn more about our program and what makes our services so special. We’d love to hear your story and to tell you ours as well.

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