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Building community with your peers fosters a sense of belonging.

For seniors, living at home for as long as possible and aging independently may be a dream come true, but family members and caregivers may worry about their loved one becoming isolated, depressed, or listless. It’s also not uncommon for the demands of caregiving to eventually take a toll, and despite their best attentions, your caregiver may not be able to provide you with the depth of connection that you crave.

Seniors often find value in building relationships with their peers – in other words, those of similar age and in a similar season of life. Such relationships can provide encouragement, empathy, and understanding for those who may otherwise feel lonely.

Landis Adult Day Services is the perfect place to pursue these kinds of friendships. We welcome seniors from all walks of life into a home-like environment, where devoted team members facilitate meaningful activities and encourage deep connection. We strive to enrich the daytime hours of each day and walk alongside not just attendees, but their families as well!

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Caregivers and family members don’t need to worry that their loved one may feel isolated. At Adult Day, there are so many opportunities to build friendships with peers, learn from one another, and forge lasting, flourishing community.


Peer friendships can improve moods, provide a sense of purpose, and inspire seniors to pursue more holistically healthy lifestyles. We love to see seniors thrive and we believe that this is the perfect venue to connect with new people, share stories, and cultivate relationships.

The community at Landis Adult Day Services is special because it is comprised of those from all walks of life and a variety of backgrounds. There is so much to learn from one another and so many experiences to share together. If you’d like to join the thriving community and feel a part of a family, contact Landis Adult Day Services today to learn more.

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