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Age is never a disqualifier for exercise! As you age, it may become more complicated or daunting to exercise, but the holistic benefits of staying active are worth it.


For seniors in particular, these benefits are especially important. Exercising can lead to increased mobility and thus, fewer injuries. As age increases, mobility tends to decrease, which can cause concerns over movement, balance, flexibility, and physical strength.



While it may not be possible to maintain the exercise regimen you may have had as a younger adult, there are many other options for low impact, manageable routines to stay in shape, such as walking, stretching, cycling, swimming, and weight training. Even a few minutes of movement a day can help maintain that strength, flexibility, and balance that can decrease with age.

In addition to physical benefits, exercising can also improve mental and emotional wellness. Exercise can increase confidence and independence, improve sleep by increasing deep sleep cycles, ease stress, and promote positivity. It can also increase community, as many exercise routines can be completed with a friend or in a group. Socialization is important to maintaining holistic wellness.

At Landis Adult Day Services, we prioritize physical exercise and wellness. At our center, we offer a range of physical activities that can be entirely personalized depending on each client’s abilities and stamina. The physical and mental health of ADS clients remains one of our top priorities and we are happy to help you explore what activities are best suited for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the activities that Adult Day Services provides and how we can help you or your loved one attain wellness aspirations, contact us today or arrange to visit our center.

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