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Female pushing male in wheelchair

Choosing what to invest your time and energy into, perhaps even to make your life’s work and passion, is a weighty decision. While some may feel a distinct call to serve in one area or have a specific skill set that suits them in another area, there are many people who could thrive in all sorts of settings and positions. If you desire to make a meaningful difference and invest in the lives of others, working with seniors can be an excellent career choice for you.

At Landis Adult Day Services, we have daily insight into the incredible influence that staff can have on the seniors they work with. Empathetic, passionate, and personable staff not only provide aging seniors with assistance and advocacy, but also forge friendships .

Working with seniors provides you with the opportunity to protect the dignity, autonomy, and independence of others. It also allows you to build relationships with them and often to hear their stories, share their laughter, and learn from their endless stores of wisdom.

The payoff is intrinsic as much as it is extrinsic. For example, at Landis Adult Day Services, our team has the unique privilege of leading activities that inspire and educate, coordinating music and movement sessions to encourage holistic health of the mind and body, and facilitating discussion groups build community. As we see seniors light up with joy and eagerly anticipate returning each day, we enjoy a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Working with seniors is a great career choice because at the foundation of every day on the job is connection – deep and meaningful relationships that make every day at work worthwhile.

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