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Music could be considered a universal language. Regardless of age or ethnicity, music has the unique and beautiful ability to calm us, unite us, and inspire us. Perhaps you’ve sensed the power that music holds before, but did you know that for seniors, music therapy can have profound psychological impacts?

It can increase movement. Music inspires us to move, which is important for aging adults, to maintain strength, mobility, and flexibility.

It relieves depression and anxiety.  There are many studies that show that musical memory is a separate kind of memory.  As we use music from the past;  the memories and the joy of music return.  Music provides a path to calm for both the caregiver and the client.

Music increases community and socialization. Music brings people together. Whether singing in a group, playing instruments together, enjoying a concert, or dancing with friends, music is a wonderful social outlet and can result in new friendships with shared interests. Seniors benefit from participating in a thriving community.

Music can have a significant, positive impact on aging adults. That’s why Adult Day Services incorporates it into our daily programming. Contact us today to learn more.

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