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For many people, arts and crafts are more than just a hobby, particularly for seniors.

Aging adults can reap benefits from incorporating arts and crafts into their daily experience.  It can have an impact on physical and mental health, which makes art and craft opportunities an important elective for our clients at Landis Adult Day Services.

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Arts and crafts help improve fine motor skills, such as holding paintbrushes or colored pencils. The act of creating boosts blood flow and helps seniors maintain dexterity in their hands and fingers. For seniors who may be unable to walk or are unsteady on their feet, arts and crafts can boost their confidence and self-esteem.  The product is important, but success in the process is too!

Mentally and emotionally, the benefit of art is significant. Creating is a natural stress reliever, which in turn, lowers blood pressure and regulates breathing. Arts and crafts also provide seniors with a sense of accomplishment.

Completing crafts or artwork together helps aging adults to form new friendships and have an outlet for their creativity. Relationships with other people is a source of comfort, stability, and encouragement, and having a hobby to unite around and share forges an even greater bond.

At Landis Adult Day Services, we’ve witnessed firsthand the effect that drawing, painting, and crafting has on seniors and can testify to its benefits. That is why we are committed to providing seniors with opportunities to be creative and explore different mediums of artwork.

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