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Adult Day Services Week

By Leone Wagner

It’s empty in the center. The tables and chairs have been appropriately spaced to accommodate social distancing are empty.

The time is 6:55 am.

I don’t walk into this space without expectations. This will be where I spend my day. A job I’ve held for more than 15 years. A job that can be exhausting, yet makes me aware of a world I did not know well before; aging and aging issues.

Here, today I am going to try my best to make this day good for our special clients! My efforts are to make the hours between 7 and 5 fun, relational and entertaining for those I serve here at Landis Adult Day Services.

I accomplish that by being aware of the many different life paths that merge here together. Our clients come from occupations that are diverse: housewives, painters, farmers, teachers, coaches, artists, administrative assistants, and carpenters, to name a few, gather to spend the day together. We chat informally, and during discussion, frequently discover new things from one another.

An art teacher teaching us about cartoon creating.

A farmer telling us about growing corn.

A pastor telling us about his work at creating peace in a troubled world.

A train enthusiast telling us about train lay outs.

I assist them in daily exercise with a routine I have crafted for all energy types with music that they enjoy.

This is a job with lots of variety: Encouraging involvement in social activities, challenging clients with cranium crunchers and modified active games, and finally rounding the day out with educational or informational entertainment.

This is a job I have chosen, it brings to others things that cannot be bought. Respect, dignity, acceptance, belonging and joy.

Funny how it brings those things to me, too as I serve day to day.

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