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The fall 2020 term of the Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning® offered by Landis Communities began with an online Kickoff event on August 25 by Zoom.

In March, due to the pandemic, the spring semester was cancelled after just a few weeks of classes. During the summer months a few online-only classes were held in order to experiment with virtual long-distance learning.

The fall semester will offer over 50 courses with two options for participation. Persons may select online participation or in-person attendance. For those selecting to come to the Landis Homes campus, up to 25 students per class will be randomly selected to attend classes in person. These classes will be held in the High Foundation Auditorium in the Calvin G. & Janet C. High Learning & Wellness Center.

Pathways Institute board member and instructor Roger Godin was the moderator for the online kickoff event, which included details of how the semester will run and answered questions of those attending. Many of the instructors for the coming term were on the session to answer specific questions about their courses.

Mailed and distributed prior to the kickoff, the new Pathways Institute catalogs include course descriptions and introductions of the instructors. There are also short videos by many of the instructors on the Pathways website at thepathwaysinstitute.org.

The 50 plus courses and learning opportunities, which run from September 29 through December 16, are open to all Lancaster County residents as well as residents from neighboring counties, who are age 55 years or above.  Course topics include: The Roaring Twenties: When America Went Wild; Race & Immigration in American History; Understanding Islam; Cybersecurity – Keeping Yourself Safe Online; Move More, Sit Less: How to Add More Movement into you Day andmore classes on nature, history, religion and current topics.

There is a registration fee which includes enrollment in to up to 8 courses per semester as well as a per course payment option. For this unusual semester, there will be a 20 percent discount on all class fees.

Pathways Institute started the Lancaster County program in 2008, through a partnership with Landis Communities and the original program which started earlier at Messiah Lifeways, Mechanicsburg, PA.

Landis Homes campus is located at 1001 East Oregon Road, Lititz. The Spring 2020 catalog along with registration information can be found online at www.thepathwaysinstitute.org. For more information call 717-381-3577, or email: pathwayinquiry@thepathwaysinstitute.org.

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